I want to start my child in taekwondo. What kind of a school should I be looking for?
Look for a school that has a welcoming, clean training area with convenient observation and changing areas in the school. You should observe an easy rapport and mutual respect between the Masters/Instructors and the students. Please feel free to come visit our school. Speak with Master Kim and/or the instructors and observe how they are teaching. Try Master Kim's Tiger Tae Kwon Do for a month by taking advantage of our 'New Student Special'.
My child has physical limitations. Can he/she still take taekwondo?
It has been documented that martial arts training, particularly Taekwondo, can be highly beneficial for children and adults with physical, mental or neurological challenges. Taekwondo training is an excellent method to improve any child or adult both mentally and physically, regardless of their condition. We do our best to accommodate all students and offer private lessons for more one-on-one training.
I am not flexible at all! Can I still learn taekwondo?
I have already reached the age of xxx. Am I not too old to start taekwondo?
I am not very fit... Will that be a problem?
One is never too old or unfit to begin Taekwondo training. Taekwondo is an excellent way to enhance one's overall health and we do our best to ensure that each student improves at his/her own pace. As the student progresses, he/she will notice increased flexibility, strength, endurance and confidence! Before starting any new exercise routine, it is recommended that adult students receive an annual physical check-up and physician's approval.
Why should I choose Master Kim's Tiger Tae Kwon Do?
Master Kim and his highly qualified instructors take great pride in bringing out the best in all students.
Our programs promote the well being of students of all ages and abilities.
Our objective is to develop skill, build self-confidence and lead students in a positive manner.
By choosing Master Kim's Tiger Tae Kwon Do, each student will receive the strongest foundation in tae kwon do while gaining the physical and mental discipline to lead a healthy and positive lifestyle.
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