Our son's focus and confidence have improved a great deal. He has developed co-ordination and skills which have helped him in all aspects of home and school life...Master Kim and his staff are thorough professionals who know how to discipline but always have fun.
Jane and Pier Rondin
"Dear Master Kim,

This past week Elizabeth had her first full set of mid-term exams. Thanks to the training she has received in Tae Kwon Do, she had the determination and the perseverance to study hard throughout the week. As a result she achieved 2 perfect scores in Math and Science as well as high marks in the other subjects.

We are proud of the way she is applying the principles she is learning in Tae Kwon Do to her everyday life. Thank you for teaching the mental education as well as the physical skills of Tae Kwon Do.
P. Smith"
" I only wish that we had begun our journey with Master Kim's! My daughter, my son and myself started with another Tae Kwon Do School. For 9 years we were involved and had a close connection...When our school closed...we thoroughly researched 7 martial arts schools, some with high referrals, before we decided on Master Kim's. Along with six of our friends we have found a new family and experience a much higher standard, and know we made the right decision. The steady improvement in our training is the direct result of Master Kim's proficient and highly skillful staff. We all look forward to an exhilarating, mutually fulfilling relationship that will last longer than our previous one.
Richard Wantula
"Dear Master Kim,

Douglas has been working very hard to keep his promise. He always helps clean his room and he is nice to his baby brother. He loves Tae Kwon Do and looks forward to learning new things in class every day. He always says that he wants to be a black belt like you. Thank you for being such a good teacher."
"Master Kim and staff are very professional and skilled people. They take the art very seriously and pass this respect to their students. The Dojang is extremely clean and the environment is warm and friendly. It is like a home away from home. My family enjoys coming to Master Kim's taekwondo school.
May Browning"
"Master Kim,

As you know, our son Jack turned 5 years old in November. He is in his second year of pre-K. ...We wanted you to know how hard Jack has been working on his reading exercises...We are very proud of Jack and we believe he gets so much of his focus and determination from his Tae Kwon Do experience.
Thank you very much for being a "hands on" teacher and spending quality time with each of your students.
Dennis & Tina Shelley"
"My 5 year old son and I both attend classes at Master Kim's Tiger Tae Kwon Do. We both felt welcome immediately and love the school. Master Kim and his instructors are very patient, kind and understanding. We respect, admire and appreciate everyone for all that is done for us. With their leadership and encouragement we both are more confident and are able to focus a lot easier. The classes are not only a lot of fun but very rewarding. I would describe the school as being very professional with a personal touch.
A Student Mom"
"Master Yeong Jae Kim,

We would like to thank you for the unbelievable job you did with Dominick's birthday party. All the children, most of whom had no previous martial arts experience, had an awesome time. The activities were well thought out and presented in such a way that each child was captivated and excited. Every parent made a positive and appreciative comment about the party and the way you and your staff ran the whole event. Thank you so much for making our son's birthday really memorable and special!
Troy & Linda Terry"
"Master Kim,

I am going to miss you and the Tae Kwon Do family very much. I wish I could pack you all up and take you with me to college. Tae Kwon Do is a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun. I love it! Thank you for always pushing me, encouraging, and supporting me....I promise to come to class whenever I am home!
"I, along with my two children have been studying at Master Kim's Tiger Tae Kwon Do since May 2008...We came from another school that had closed...I sincerely feel, believe, and know that Master Kim has taken all of us to the next level of training in the martial arts, maybe even a little above and beyond. He is a very conscientious Master who takes pride in all his students, is genuinely interested in their welfare, feelings and overall performance in both the dojang and outside in their schooling and private lives. I myself being involved in the martial arts for years would not hesitate to travel to study under the tutelage of Master Kim. There are students who do travel to acquire his knowledge, wisdom, and experience. This is a sign of a great school. We look forward to studying many more years under Master Kim and his Black Belts!
Larry Stabile"
"Dear Master Kim,

We wanted to let you know that Bobby is excelling in school in all areas of his studies. The one subject that Bobby has improved in and is doing very well is Math. He will come home from school and almost immediately take his Math homework out and complete it. The next day he brings it home with stars and stickers on them...We are so proud of him. Bobby has benefited immensely from the combination of your amazing "masterful" instructing here (and your great assistant instructors), along with Bobby's teachers, coaches, and family. We are forever grateful.
Warmest regards,
The Kleins"
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