We strive to provide an environment that will nurture youngsters to become individuals with good values and positive attitudes.
In addition to improving coordination, strength and endurance in our fun and exciting classes, children develop a great sense of achievement, confidence and camaraderie.

Our Student Reward System encourages children to embrace and practice the taekwondo principles that they have learned in class, outside the class as well. Each tool gained in class helps the child to greater success in handling the many challenges that arise as they grow :

Improve confidence by trying new challenges >> Develop an "I can!" attitude
Develop self-respect and self-esteem >> Respect yourself, to respect others
Increase focus and concentration >> Enhance academic performance
Develop a good sense of dignity and pride >> Make healthier lifelong decisions
Improve coordination, strength and endurance >> For a healthy, strong body
Enhance self-control and self-discipline >> Handle aggression constructively
Learn to set goals and persevere to reach them >> "Never give up" attitude
Learn self-defense techniques >> Greater peace of mind for the entire family
New Taekwondo friendships >> Learn and grow together, build camaraderie

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