Master Kim and his instructors have a deep appreciation for the formative years of preschoolers. In this thirty minute class, Little Tigers develop confidence, coordination, and strength in a fun, dynamic environment. Preschoolers also improve focus, concentration and listening skills within a group situation, preparing them for grade school. At the completion of the Little Tigers Program, preschoolers are well prepared to move on to the more challenging curriculum of the Children¡¯s Program. As with all of our programs, Little Tigers gain skills that can help them cope with the many challenges of childhood.
  Try new challenges and develop an ¡°I can do it¡± attitude
Develop confidence and self-esteem
Improve focus and concentration
Develop respect for self and others
Develop coordination, strength and endurance
Channel excess energy or aggressions in a constructive way
Enhance discipline and self-control
Learn valuable self-defense skills
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