Leadership Team gives a special opportunity for our students to show their dedication to Taekwondo, regardless of their physical skills or expertise. While not every student aspires to be a great leader or craves the attention, our Leadership Team Program takes the passionate student to the next level of confidence, by allowing him/her to display their enthusiasm and be a role model. We encourage all eligible students who demonstrate outstanding dedication and interest in the art of Taekwondo to join Master Kim's Leadership Team.
The team builds leadership qualities as the students take great pride in being a role model and committing to the extra responsibilities that accompany being a team member. Leadership Team students have the important role of encouraging junior students and find this positive attitude easily carries over to other aspects of their lives. As our Leadership Team represents Master Kim's Tiger Tae Kwon Do School, being a team member demands role model behavior not only in the dojang, but everywhere outside the school as well.
Master Kim welcomes all eligible students, ages 7 through adult who have been a student for a year minimum, to participate in Leadership Team. As being a Leadership Team member is a serious commitment, Master Kim and staff are pleased to discuss detailed requirements with interested students and their families.
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