Our goal is to bring out the best in every student, whether it is in the dojang, at home, at school or during a daily activity or event. Aside from improving our students' physical skills and self-esteem, we endeavor to instill the Taekwondo Principles such as respect, honesty and humility in every student. The best way to do this is to consistently reward our students for any positive effort, big or small, at home or at school, at anytime!
Reward Stars   
By consistently rewarding our students for using the Taekwondo Principles that they have learned in the dojang, we hope that these principles and virtues will eventually become a part of their moral character. Students are always rewarded with stars for persevering and attending taekwondo class regularly.

More importantly, students are rewarded extra stars by demonstrating that they have practiced their taekwondo principles outside the dojang. This demonstration can be in the form of good grades, letters of recognition for good performance or character from teachers, friends or family, etc. Rewarding good, constructive effort is the best way to reinforce the virtues and we welcome any attempts of good effort.

When a student attends class with a sample of his/her good character, it is always presented before the instructors and peers such that it can be applauded and appreciated, once again recognizing and reinforcing role model behavior. As students accumulate reward stars, they can be exchanged for special patches that can be displayed proudly on their uniforms.

Home Chore Chart
Our Home Chore Chart is another way that students can practice their Taekwondo Principles at home. Whether it is being helpful to a family member or friend, performing daily chores, or taking good care of them selves, students are encouraged to always try their best on a daily basis. Even our youngest students take great pride in knowing that they did a great job brushing their teeth, showing good manners or making someone feel special with a hug.

Home Chore Charts outline basic home chores and age appropriate responsibilities and give the opportunity for students to personalize the chart with their own expectations. Home Chore Charts should be checked off on a daily basis with parental approval until a month is completed. Completed charts are exchanged for special uniform patches.
Color Belt Promotion
Color Belt Promotion is always an important event in the Taekwondo student's journey. While receiving a new belt color is always rewarding, the experience of belt promotion testing and proving that the student has trained well is all the more rewarding. During promotion tests the student demonstrates his skills before Master Kim, instructors, his peers and family members. Students are always rewarded with appreciative applause from all present. At the conclusion of the test and belt promotion, each student also receives a special medal or trophy for his/her hard work.
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